Sigknow Biomedical’s occult blood test strip was recognized by the National Innovation Award in 2017.

Based on a survey by the Taiwan Colorectal Cancer Alliance, nearly 54% of the general public thinks that “convenience” is the most important factor in the current low acceptance of colorectal cancer screening. The government offers a free screening once every two years to people over the age of 50. Since the screening requires people to take their own sample and send the fecal specimen to medical institutions, the screening rate was also unable to grow beyond 40%.

The industry-academia team at Sigknow Biomedical and Chang Gung University’s Graduate Institute of Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering have jointly developed a fecal occult blood test strip that uses toilet paper as a carrier. The test is done by a simple wipe. The toilet paper design incorporates the fecal occult blood test into daily defecation behaviors. The home-use, highly sensitive reagent with immediate feedback largely simplifies the originally extremely inconvenient process of a fecal occult blood test. It allows users to save the inconvenience and time in travelling to hospitals to deliver samples and pick up reports. The age of onset for colorectal cancer is on the decrease. The home-use wiping test allows users of all ages to do the test anytime at home and retrieve first-hand information about their health.